5 things I am grateful for today: My new headset. The lovely dinner mum cooked me. The snacks provided at my friend’s house. Spending time with friends today, catching up and sharing university stories and having intellectual discussions about politics. The presents my friend gave to me for Christmas. Advertisements

New Headset

Couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my new Star Wars gaming headset from Turtle Beach:

Why I Don’t Want Children

Earlier I saw a post explaining why this person did not want children. Although I feel like this is not something that should have to be explained, in a world where the expectation on women is to have children, I feel like it is something I need to talk about. My reasons are pretty selfish,…


3 thing I am grateful for today (definitely not this headache): Skype, had a lovely chat with my bf. My artworks, its nice to look back on my work. My bed (I can’t wait to go to sleep today). Only doing 3 today as I can’t think of another 2. Hope you all had a…

Christmas Drawings

Here are some Christmas drawings I have done for my family, little brother and boyfriend this year:        


Its a bit late to post Inktober drawings but I haven’t put anything in my ‘Art’ section yet so I thought it would be nice to share these drawings. 2015   2014

Old Friends

In life, people come and go. Today I have been thinking a lot about the people who have come and gone in my life. Some of these people I would like to reconnect with but I don’t feel it would be appropriate to anymore. I still think about old friends, some I used to be…


Today, 5 things I am grateful for are: The Japanese lessons I have with my mum’s friend. Hearing Chibi’s cute little bark in the garden. My 3DS XL and the games that make me happy. My boyfriend (today we have been together 2 months, it feels like longer haha!) My beautiful sister who redyed my…

Love and Compassion

In a world so full of hate and judging, sometimes it is hard to find love and compassion, especially within yourself. Look around and you will see hate everywhere, it only takes one look in the Youtube comments, or a look at the world and what is happening with IS, or the hate that many people…


It frustrates me when people use stereotypes. I don’t think people realise how damaging stereotypes can truly be. Although they are used to be funny and to make a joke, often there is so much more that these stereotypes are doing than making people laugh. From AAUW (http://www.aauw.org/2014/08/13/why-stereotypes-are-bad/): A “stereotype” is a cognitive shortcut —…