Hey! Listen!


Tasha here! 🙂

I thought it would be good for me to make a more personal blog, as we have to write one for university projects and sometimes its just nice to be able to write something for myself so here it is! Mostly this blog is just going to be a thought diary of things I have been contemplating or things that I care about.

You’ll notice my categories suggest quite a few things about me: that I identify with being a feminist, vegan, gamer, otaku, animator, storyteller, artist, spiritualist, etc. All of these are a part of me but don’t necessarily define me. I am, like everyone else, so much more than what I do. I realise quite a few of these things make me the ideal target for an Internet troll, to those of you who have poked your heads out from under your bridge, please kindly keep it there! 😉


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