Vegan ‘Propaganda’

When vegans feel the need to speak out about the cruelty happening towards animals we are often accused of employing vegan propaganda. Yes, what we say may well be biased because we care so much about the animals, but the facts we provide – the cold hard truths – they are not. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that this happens more often in trying to get us to eat meat. How many adverts do you see on TV that promote a plant-based diet? I don’t think I have seen any. However, I definitely see plenty of adverts promoting MEAT. Once you notice this, you can’t un-notice it. If anything is propaganda, it’s this.

I feel passionately about my choice in becoming vegan, I know for certain it is the right thing to do because I have done my research. When vegans post something about how animals are treated or how animal agriculture is killing our planet, we are trying to educate. These are facts we should have been learning about in school when we were taught about global warming in Geography. The fact is, the people who run the education system don’t want us to know that.

Today I have been rather emotional, being around meat-eaters is hard for someone who knows what is going on. It is saddening that the majority of people don’t actually seem to care in the slightest. And unfortunately the only justifications I have ever really got for eating meat is that ‘its really tasty’ or that ‘I don’t think that I could stop eating it’. These reasons are just… weak. There is plenty of plant-based foods that are also tasty, its like people have a weird obsession with meat. And those who say they couldn’t stop eating it, that they have been eating it their whole lives, you can change ANYTIME you choose to. Change is something that we decide for ourselves. If you want to change you have all the power in your mind to do that. It’s not that they CAN’T change, its that they don’t WANT to. That is the real problem here. Even when provided with the most shocking facts some people will still be stubborn. It amazes me (and not in a good way).

I look forward to a future where people realise the damage that animal agriculture is causing. I hope that one day we will be able to recognise animals as our equals and consequently reap the benefits of a more loving and compassionate world. As things are going, this may be too hopeful. I can only try to maintain faith in humanity and continue living by the famed saying ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. It is not propaganda, it is truth – our world is at stake here. Climate change is a very real threat, and animal agriculture is a big cause.


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  1. Thom says:

    We have to open the eyes of the majority of the population who have been and are still subjected to ‘Propaganda’ from the meat and dairy industry who make them feel that is okay to consume animals when it clear is not as its morally wrong and also the ramifications on our health and the environment. Many people are not aware of this. We vegans are the messengers and we owe it to the humans and non humans alike to spread the word, because the meat and dairy industry will not (obviously) also the governments will not either.
    Great post !!

    1. If only the majority of the population were open to hearing it! But I’m glad you agree! Thank you 🙂

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